Friday, July 6, 2012

Spybot build 20120704 Portable by Evan

Protection against spyware is of utmost importance if you wish to prevent others from exploiting your personal information and browsing habits. SpyBot – Search & Destroy is a full featured security solution designed to keep you away from this kind of malware, while also providing a suite of tools for system repair, file shredding and managing autostart items.

The interface has a clean and professional look, with all the modules in plain view. It provides you with direct access to the scanning modes, namely: a full system scan that thoroughly analyzes your computer for threats and a custom file/folder scan that allows you to manually select the locations to be processed. The scanning speed is decent and a full-system scan took about twenty minutes in our case, which is acceptable, but the amount of resources it requires is impressive (the CPU usage exceeds 50% at times).

A system immunization feature is also available, aimed to apply preventive measures against spyware via methods belonging to your browsers in order to block malware from infecting your computer.

The main interface also features an option to switch to Advanced User Mode, which triggers a set of complementary tools that you can use to create system logs, manage autostart items, shred files, repair system inconsistencies or scan for rootkits.

The application is not only able to remove spyware, but it also detects and deletes keyloggers, providing at the same time a fast update tool to download the latest virus definitions. To make sure you're on the safe side all the time, SpyBot – Search & Destroy automatically creates a backup of every single removed file.

Other customizations can be performed from the Settings window. This section allows you to configure Windows explorer and browser integration, ignore lists and scheduled scans.

 · Removal of keyloggers
· User-extendable database
· Save removal of threats by shredding them
· Backups of every removed problem
· Exclude option to ignore specific problems s
· Permanent blocking of known tracking cookies for IE
· Permanent blocking of threating downloads in IE
· Command line parameters to automate tasks
· Number of targets > 600 > 600
· Number of detection files and entries > 10000 > 10000
· Detailed information about problems found Yes Yes
· Strict criteria to define targets Yes Yes
· Integrated update function
· Weekly updates
· Free email & forum support Yes Yes
· Settings to automate scan, removal and update
· System reports to locate even unknown threats
· Skins to adjust interface to the users liking