Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Total Uninstal 6.3.4 Portable by Evan

Uninstall any program with the most advanced uninstaller software.
Total Uninstall accurate analyzes installed programs to uninstall them completely
With "Installed Programs" module Total Uninstall analyze the installed program and create the installation log. This is used to do a complete uninstall even without the help of the provided standard uninstaller from Add Remove Programs.
Total Uninstall is a Windows uninstaller that can monitor new installations
With "Monitored Programs" module it helps to monitor any changes made to your system during the installation of a new program. It allows you to perform a complete uninstall without having to rely on the supplied Add Remove program, which can leave files or changes behind.
How it works?
Total Uninstall creates a snapshot of your system prior to installing a new application. It then takes an additional snapshot after the installation has completed. It then compares the two snapshots and displays all changes in a graphical tree view, marking all registry values and/or files that have been added, changed or deleted. Total Uninstall saves these changes and if you decide to uninstall the application, it will reverse the changes to the previous state.
  • Monitor installation changes of registry and file system
  • Thoroughly uninstall monitored applications
  • Perform search in detected changes
  • Export registry changes to install or uninstall
  • Show and apply pending file rename operations without reboot
  • Statistics of detected changes
  • User configurable views of the detected changes
  • Agent for notification of running installation programs
  • User configurable scanning profiles and uninstall profiles

What's new:
  • Chinese help file integrated. Use F1 to open it for the current context.
  • Improved the uninstall process of programs manually added for forced uninstall.
  • Fix for incorrect program size displayed in the list if the real value exceeds 2 GB.

GoodSync [TRIAL] Portable by Evan

GoodSync is a file synchronization and file backup software that allows you to automatically sync files between desktops, laptops, and external drives. GoodSync also enables you to backup files to and from FTP, WebDAV, and Windows Mobile phones and PDAs. 
What's new:
* Google Drive/Docs: fix Error 500 in file operations.  

Friday, August 23, 2013

PotPlayer 1.5.39549 Portable by Evan

What's new:
+ Added the ability to set mouse wheel left/right actions
+ Added the ability to capture audio using WASAPI
+ Added the ability to remove bookmarks of nonexistent items

- Improved touch feature
- Fixed an issue where certain DVD subtitles doesn't show up
- Improved game capture function to work with online games
- Improved game capture function to work with both 32 and 64 bits applications
- Changed default audio normalizer method
- Added the ability to add external Source/Splitter for damaged AVI/ASF files
- Fixed an issue that can not play certain MP4/MOV files
- Fixed a problem while playing MKV files
- Fixed a problem with remembering played position within a playlist

Slimboat 1.1.39 Portable by Evan

SlimBoat is a fast, secure and powerful web browser for Windows, Mac and Linux that is designed to save time and maximize online productivity.
SlimBoat is a free web browser that is fast, secure and loaded with powerful features. It is fast to start up and fast to open your favorite web sites. SlimBoat helps you surf the internet safely and securely by incorporating multiple layers of protection measures. SlimBoat also includes tons of powerful functions and flexible options so that you can reach your favorite destination on Internet in the most convenient way while avoiding unnecessary distractions and annoyances.
QuickFill form filler
Completes web form for you automatically and gives you one-click access to your favorite online accounts.
Facebook Integration
You can share a page, a picture or a piece of text on any page on facebook with a single click.
Download Manager
The download manager makes it easy to track and organize your download jobs.
Youtube Video Downloader
Download any youtube video to mp4 or other video formats. Choose different video quality and resolutions.
Ad Blocker
Eliminates obtrusive advertisements from web pages. Save memory and bandwidth!
Weather Forecast Information
Display current weather condition in the status bar of the web browser so that you know what is going on outside all the time.
Site group
The site group feature lets you save a collection of web sites as a group and open all of them at once with a single click.
Popup Blocker
The popup blocker kills all annoying popup ads before it has chance to disturb you.
Web page translation
The select-and-translate feature allows you to translate any text within a web page without leaving the page.
Quick Search
The quick-search bar gives you instant access to popular search enginesne while also allow you to create/define your own favorite engine.

What's New:
  • Fixed display issue of www.freestockcharts.com when ad blocker is enabled.
  • Update language files
  • Rebuild Windows version with VS2010.
  • Bug fix: Bookmarks menu not clickable under Mac
  • Added menu "View:Toolbars:Lock Toolbar".
  • Bug fix: unable to change tabs page background color

Monday, August 19, 2013

PotPlayer 1.5.39433 Portable by Evan

PotPlayer is a comprehensive video and audio player, that also supports TV channels, subtitles and skins.

PotPlayer is a much improved/faster version of KMP, including ffdshow and some other stuff to connect to a Korean-only video/chat network.

It supports seamless playback(up to 1000 -one thousand- AVI/WMV/MKV/MPG files at once, mixed containers are allowed), auto-resume on the last 200 opened files, has fully configurable XML skin files and also a D3D exclusive mode.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Opera Developer 17.0.1232.0 Portable by Evan

This version is the bleeding edge development from Opera; features will be piloted, and may be shelved, taken back to the drawing board, or taken forward to the Opera Next stream - feature complete, but potentially buggy.

Once the bugs have been ironed out, the features are released as stable, and once every few weeks the streams are all refreshed. You can follow all three if you want, but please note that you shouldn't entrust valuable data to anything other than the released stable stream.
So, what's new in Opera 17 Developer? Amongst the others, we have prioritized some of the things you have been asking for.

  • Start up mode option - yes, more options! You can pick one of: last session, speed dial, set of pages
  • Pinned tabs - a nice beginning of future tabs improvements.
  • Rocker gestures - (left->right click, right->left click)
  • Extension APIs - more API stuff to play with: bookmarks, commands, omnibox, webNavigation. Separated article with detailed API's explanation will be shipped later.
  • Search engine manager - On top of the current shortcuts to search in the addressbar, (enter the one character shortcut plus your shortcut: "b" for Bing, "g" for google) you can now customize your searches, so go ahead and add "d" for duckduckgo, "m" for your own site, "o" for Opera desktop team blog, or anything else

Opera Next 16.0.1196.45 Portable by Evan

Opera introduces the looks and the performance of an exceptional new web browser.
Countless hours of hard work, hectoliters of coffee, tons of improvements, two version numbers skipped, and here it is: The all-new Opera for desktop is now out as an Opera Next version, Opera's channel for what used to be called beta. Made from scratch, this version is available for Windows and Mac and brings a new, elegant design and a bunch of new features that will make your browsing experience sleeker and easier than ever.
Craftsmanship, 17 years of hands-on experience and a passion for the web has helped Opera introduce a lot of improvements and new technologies in this new browser. Opera has refreshed the most loved features and added some completely new ways to interact with the web.
Here are the latest improvements that Opera has prepared for Windows and Mac users to get the most out of the web:
Speed Dial
Opera’s popular shortcuts start page has been refreshed to make exploring web content easier and smarter. Speed Dial shortcuts can now be gathered in folders and easily filtered. Drag and drop one Speed Dial entry on top of another to create a folder, or use the new Speed Dial search field to experience the power of visual Speed Dial entries combined with the flexibility and organization of a classic bookmark folder.
Get hot, new content, with no browsing necessary. The new Discover feature allows you to lean back and get fed with new articles from your country, or whatever region you want to get inspiration from, right in your browser - all in one place. Pick and choose your category: news, food, technology or something else you are more interested in. Opera brings you a selection of relevant global and regional sources to discover web content more easily.
Imagine that, after hours of shopping at your mall for new shoes, you find a single shelf with all the pairs you have tried on so far, so you can sit down, compare, and pick the winner. That’s what Opera's new Stash feature does for you with websites. Simply hit the heart icon in the address bar to collect the websites you want to compare easily while shopping, or to keep your travel research on hotels, sights and flights at your fingertips. Scan your Stash by resizable page preview, or search what you've saved, with keywords.
Now, you can search directly from the new combined address and search bar. Simply start typing a webpage address to go directly to your favorite site, or enter a search term and choose one of several search engines to look for suggested websites.
New look
Rest your eyes on the new, refined user interface. It is modern, sleek, deeply integrated with the platform and built from the ground up. Browse more easily with new elegant icons, tab bar and more.
Engine swap
Opera for desktop has not only been redesigned; it's also completely re-engineered under the hood. With the Chromium engine, users get a standards-compliant and high-performance browser. Opera’s Off-Road mode, previously called Opera Turbo, now supports SPDY protocol and enables loading webpages faster, even in the toughest of network conditions.

Opera Stable 15.0.1147.153 Portable by Evan

Opera has just released the first stable version of their revamped browser and will be proceeding at a rapid pace going forward. There is also news concerning the three development streams they will maintain along with news of an update for the older 12.x series for those who are not ready to update to 15.x just yet.
The day is full of good news for Opera users, whether they have already switched to the new Blink/Webkit Engine version or are still using the older Presto Engine version. First, news of the new development streams…
    Opera has released details outlining their three new release streams:
  • Opera (Stable) – Released every couple of weeks, this is the most solid version, ready for mission-critical daily use.
  • Opera Next – Updated more frequently than Stable, this is the feature-complete candidate for the Stable version. While it should be ready for daily use, you can expect some bugs there.
  • Opera Developer – A bleeding edge version, you can expect a lot of fancy stuff there; however, some nasty bugs might also appear from time to time.
From the Opera Desktop Team blog post: When you install Opera from a particular stream, your installation will stick to it, so Opera Stable will be always updated to Opera Stable, Opera Next to Opera Next and so on. You can choose for yourself which stream is the best for you. You can even follow a couple of them at the same time!
Of particular interest is the announcement of continued development for the 12.x series. A new version (12.16) is due to be released soon to help keep the older series up to date and secure while the transition process from 12.x to 15.x continues.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ausilogic Disk Defragment Portable by Evan

Auslogics Disk Defrag is a free defragmentation tool that will help you optimize the performance of your PC. After months or years of writing data to your hard drives, accessing them becomes slower and slower; this leads to crashes, slower computer performance, longer start-up times, and even system failures.

Why Use Disk Defrag?

File System Optimization
Places system files to the faster part of the disk, minimizing the time needed for the hard drive to access them.

Free Space Consolidation
Merges scattered pieces of free space into a contiguous block, preventing fragmentation of newly created files.

Single File Defragmentation
Can save your time by defragmenting only necessary files, instead of defragmenting an entire hard drive.

Can be set to start defragmentation automatically when computer has been idle for 15 minutes.

File Clusters Viewer
Shows you the list of all fragmented files and their clusters location on the disk after performing disk analysis.

VSS Compatible Mode
Minimizes growth of the VSS storage area and reduces the chance of overwriting previous VSS snapshots.

PotPlayer 1.5.39007 [STALBE] Portable by Evan

PotPlayer is a comprehensive video and audio player, that also supports TV channels, subtitles and skins.

PotPlayer is a much improved/faster version of KMP, including ffdshow and some other stuff to connect to a Korean-only video/chat network.

It supports seamless playback(up to 1000 -one thousand- AVI/WMV/MKV/MPG files at once, mixed containers are allowed), auto-resume on the last 200 opened files, has fully configurable XML skin files and also a D3D exclusive mode.

What's new:
 * Improved A-B Repeat function
  Add A-B Repeat setup dialog
  Ability to store A-B Repeat list to a .PBF file
  Add "B" hotkey to reach A-B Repeat menu
  Ability to set how many times to repeat an A-B section

* Improved screen capture feature
  Add game capture function
  Add specific window capture function
  Ability to capture up to 60 FPS
- Added the ability to auto run file association processing with admin rights
- Changed the listing of association extensions to alphabetical order
- Fixed a problem where some characters was incorrectly stored to .ini file
- Fixed a problem where bookmark time was incorrectly stored in certain PCs
- Fixed a problem with multiple monitors in different resolutions
- Some fixes with
tags in SMI subtitles
- Fixed some H.264 decoding problems
- Fixed an issue where certain VobSub subtitles doesn't show up
- Fixed aspect ratio problem of some WMV files
- Fixed ` key problem with auto hide skin option
- Fixed an issue where the program was killed in certain situations
- Improved Lyric handling
- Added AC3/DTS/AAC/MPEG/WMA Pro audio input support for WDM devices
- Added TTA/WavPack support into built-in audio decoder
- Fixed an issue while decoding 10-bit videos
- Fixed noise problem when using low quality audio speed mode
- Fixed problem of Cyberlink codec with LPCM output
- Fixed an issue where the program is opened slowly when there is no internet connection
- Fixed capture problem when using madVR in certain situations
- Fixed parsing problem of certain m3u8 files
- Added previous/next taskbar control buttons
- Improved playback of damaged MKV files