Monday, July 30, 2012

PotPlayer 1.5.33948 Portable by Evan

The software market is crowded with multimedia players that can fit the needs of all types of users, depending on what they require: out-of-the-box installation, without the user needing to change anything, or the expert approach, where each function needs to be configured. PotPlayer is an application that supports both of these modes.

Upon setup, the beginners can press Next>Next>Next until the software is installed, while the pros have the freedom of changing each option as they like, such as the file associations they want to make, if any, or specify the exact type of sound system they have.

Just as expected from any player, PotPlayer supports a wide range of audio (including, but not limited to WAV, WMA, MP3, OGG, M4A, AAC, RA, FLAC and MOD, and video (such as AVI, WMV, ASF, MPEG, M2V, MTS, DPG, WebM, AMV or DivX) formats, but it also recognizes several playlist formats (like M3U, ASX, PLS, WVX or CUE).

PotPlayer gives its users great control over its functions, allowing modification of the video speed, adjusting the audio volume, decrease or increase contrast and brightness. Also, several skins are available so that users can match the appearance of their video player to the theme of their OS.

Expert users have the chance to learn the corresponding keyboard hotkeys for the most frequent actions they make, to avoid opening menus and windows whenever they want to change the window size or the frame width.

Another way to speed things up is to assign various functions to the mouse – the more buttons it has, the more actions can be attributed to each of them.

PotPlayer is a comprehensive multimedia software that plays movies and display subtitles in a seamless way, without asking too much input from users, unless they specifically want to personalize it to their liking and modify its default settings.

What's new:
· Fixed a problem when a skin is changed in preferences
· Fixed a problem that cannot open some HTTP urls
· Some fixes while opening HTTP urls
· Fixed noise problem when speed up playback

FotoMix 9.0 Portable by Evan

FotoMix enables you to mix and blend pictures to achieve green-screen or blue-screen effects. It allows you to blend a person or object from one photo into another background by simply painting over the areas you want to become transparent and then inserting the object into a new background. You can also use the software to remove or replace backgrounds, create photo collages, blend multiple images into one, and for many other fun projects. Once you have created the initial composition, you can fine-tune it with a variety of effect brushes and adjustments that allow you to smooth and blend edges, apply tint, adjust colors and more. You can get even more creative with the help of several artistic tools that let you deform the subject (caricature effects), add text overlays and apply image filters to achieve a unique result. FotoMix is easy to use and other than some creative inspiration, it does not require any graphic editing skills. The result can be saved as project file or exported as JPG image. 

Friday, July 27, 2012

System Explorer Portable

SystemExplorer shows detailed infromation about Processes, Startups, Explorer, IE Addons, Uninstallers, Services, Drivers, Connections and Opened Files.
Detailed informations about Processes, Startups, Explorer, IE Addons, Uninstallers, Windows, Services, Drivers, Connections and Opened Files
Action History for monitoring processes activities
Making of Registry & Files snapshots for easy comparing of system changes. Result of comparation is displayed in tree view and text list. Can be used for analysation of product installers/uninstallers (like Total Uninstall)
Performance graphs for monitoring usage of system resources in time
Easy check of suspicious files via VirusTotal
Easy search details about file/process via online databases
Easy access to System Utilities 
What´s New :
This version adds window selection by draging 'target' icon to any window, new 'Go To Process' in windows tab, new optional columns 'Product','Company','Description','Version' in Processes list and new option to change font for items list. 


Thursday, July 26, 2012

CCleaner 3.21.1767 Portable

CCleaner is a freeware system optimization, privacy and cleaning tool. It removes unused files from your system - allowing Windows to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space. It also cleans traces of your online activities such as your Internet history. Additionally it contains a fully featured registry cleaner. But the best part is that it's fast (normally taking less than a second to run) and contains NO Spyware or Adware! :)
Cleans the following:
  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Opera
  • Safari
  • Windows - Recycle Bin, Recent Documents, Temporary files and Log files.
  • Registry cleaner
  • Third-party applications
  • 100% Spyware FREE
 What's new:
 - Added support for Windows Server 2012.
- Added Opera plug-in cache cleaning.
- Added benchmarking for Cleaner summary results.
- Improved Startup Tool loading algorithm.
- Improved Drive support in Drive Wiper tool.
- Improved Font Cache cleaning.
- Improved Wildcard behavior in search boxes.
- Improved System Restore discovery.
- Improved Windows 8 identification.
- Added cleaning for Universal Extractor.
- Updated Internet Download Manager cleaning.
- Added Tatar translation.
- Minor GUI improvements and bug fixes.


Trilian Portable by Evan

Trillian is a fully featured, stand-alone, skinnable chat client that supports AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo Messenger, and IRC. It provides capabilities not possible with original network clients, while supporting standard features such as audio chat, file transfers, group chats, chat rooms, buddy icons, multiple simultaneous connections to the same network, server-side contact importing, typing notification, direct connection (AIM), proxy support, encrypted messaging (AIM/ICQ), SMS support, and privacy settings.
Without stealing your home page and with no other included software, pop-ups, or spyware, Trillian provides unique functionality such as:
  • contact message history,
  • a powerful skinning language,
  • tabbed messaging,
  • global status changes (set all networks away at once),
  • Instant Lookup (automatic Wikipedia integration),
  • contact alerts,
  • an advanced automation system to trigger events based on anything happening in the client,
  • docking,
  • hundreds of emoticons,
  • emotisounds,
  • shell extensions for file transfers, and
  • systray notifications.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

VideoLan (VLC) 2.03 Portable by Evan

VLC media player is a highly portable multimedia player for various audio and video formats as well as DVDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols without external codec or program.
It can also be used as a server to stream in unicast or multicast in IPv4 or IPv6 on a high-bandwidth network.
VLC can play:
  • MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 / DivX files from a hard disk, a CD-ROM drive, and so on
  • DVDs, VCDs, and Audio CDs
  • From satellite cards (DVB-S)
  • Several types of network streams: UDP/RTP Unicast, UDP/RTP Multicast, HTTP, RTSP, MMS, etc.
  • From acquisition or encoding cards (on GNU/Linux and Windows only) 
 What's new:
* Access:
- Fix some HTTP request that broke some radio channels
* Demuxers:
- Fix support for some flv files (notably joined)
- Fix a crash when opening ape files with ID3v1 tags
* Mac OS X:
- Add GateKeeper support
- Fix handling for some hotkeys
- Fix fullscreen toggle over extra interfaces
- Minor bugfixes and improvements
* Qt:
- Fix Windows 8 interface style
* Translations:
- Updates for Breton, Czech, Dutch, Gaelic, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Icelandic, Japanese, Khmer, Korean, Polish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Slovenian, Thai, Turkish and Walloon
- New translations to Uzbek and Marathi
- Fix activation of Gaelic and Thai translations

IZArc 4.1.7 Portable by Evan

IZArc is a freeware archive utility supporting many archive formats like: 7-ZIP, A, ACE, ARC, ARJ, B64, BH, BIN, BZ2, BZA, C2D, CAB, CDI, CPIO, DEB, ENC, GCA, GZ, GZA, HA, IMG, ISO, JAR, LHA, LIB, LZH, MDF, MBF, MIM, NRG, PAK, PDI, PK3, RAR, RPM, TAR, TAZ, TBZ, TGZ, TZ, UUE, WAR, XXE, YZ1, Z, ZIP, ZOO. With a modern easy-to-use interface, IZArc provides support for most compressed and encoded files, as well as access to many powerful features and tools. It allows you to drag and drop files from and to Windows Explorer, create and extract archives directly in Windows Explorer, create multiple archives spanning disks, creating self-extracting archives, repair damaged zip archives, converting from one archive type to another, view and write comments and many more. IZArc has also build-in multilanguage support.
If you need to send large files to your colleagues, friends or customers who may not have archiving tool you can easily create self-extracting archive that can be extracted by simple double click.
IZArc can be configured to run your preferred Anti-Virus scanner when you open any archives. It also supports 256-bit AES encryption to secure your data. 
What's new:
 -Fixed: When editing nested file it is saved in wrong directory
-Fixed displaying of large file size value in archive properties dialog
-Fixed ordering of the toolbar buttons
-Fixed support for GZ archives with 64 bit information into the header
-Fixed opening of file from an archive when there are more than one file with the same name
-Fixed extracting files from an archive with PK Zip v2.0 encryption
-Added new functionality: Extract an archive on double click instead of open it with IZArc (Options -> Configuration -> Explorer Enhancements: "Extract on double click")
-Added support for ARC archives with compression type 4
-Added possibility to extract .EXE files (only supported types) from the IZArc context menu
-Added default "Solid Archive" option for 7-ZIP archives in configuration dialog
-Added an option in Extract dialog to close IZArc after extract operation
-Updated UnRar library to version 4.20
-Updated translations

ChronoWall 1.52 Portable by Evan

ChronoWall is a professional application that was created to manage your desktop wallpapers.

One of the key features is the ability to specify which wallpapers to use based on the time of day and time of year. Beyond that, ChronoWall provides many unique ways to view your photos on your desktop.

Image Effects:
· The underlying linear effect layering system allows you to change the way an image looks based on the time elapsed. Imagine being able to look at a green meadow and have it red-shift as the sun nears closer to sunset. Or if you want something more out-of-this-world, you can colorize an image throughout the entire spectrum as time elapses. There are several effects that can be applied to an image.

· Another feature of ChronoWall is the ability to have photo collages overlayed on top of your background. Collages can be displayed in several different styles, and the images used in them can come from several different sources. You can have your friends from Facebook on your desktop cheering you up as you work on a project, or have a Flickr search of a beach vacation giving you motivation.

Online Search and Social Media integration:
· In addition to supporting single image files and folders on your computer, you can obtain images from Flickr, Google, Yahoo, Bing, media RSS feeds and Facebook. The integrated search feature gives you the ability to specify an online image search as your background. In addition, you can choose specific images from each search with the built-in search results navigation. The same feature set is also available for RSS media feeds.

· For each image source, you can specify exactly how and when you want to look at them. For instance, you can look at a search of beaches from Flickr during a Summer day and images from NASA at night. You can also mix several image sources together. When image sources are mixed together, you can specify how often you want to see each of them. Each image source can be displayed as the background or as a collage, giving you endless possibilities.

What's new:
· There were a few users that were experiencing crashes in the last 1.51 release. This latest release addresses all of those issues. In addition, when an image was set to span multiple monitors and it was either too wide (or too tall in the case of vertical monitors), it wouldn't span them correctly - this has been addressed in this latest release.

Friday, July 20, 2012

AvantBrowser 2012 Build 176 Portable by Evan

Avant Browser is a standalone application designed to expand features provided by Internet Explorer. It adds a bunch of features and functionalities to IE and its user-friendly interface brings a new level of clarity and efficiency to your browsing experience, and frequent upgrades have steadily improved its reliability.
Avant Browser is freeware. That's right. 100% Free! No cost to you ever. No limitations. No Adware. No Spyware. You can donate if you want, but it's certainly not required.
Avant's features include:
  • Online Profile Storage
  • Autofills
  • Mouse Gestures
  • Flash Animation Filter
  • Built-in AD/Pop-up Blocker
  • Built-in RSS/ATOM Reader.
  • Additional Mouse Functions
  • Multi-Window Browsing
  • Real Full Screen Mode and Alternative Full Desktop mode
  • Built-in Search Engine
  • Full IE Compatibility
  • Control Your Privacy
  • Safe Recovery
  • Skins
  • Support for 41 languages
What's new:
-[Update] Gecko engine (
-[Update] Webkit engine (20.0.1132.57)
-[Fix] The problem of exiting from full screen/desktop mode after modifying avant browser options settings
-[Fix] Typed address can't be recorded if unchecking the option Enable Auto-Complete for the Address Bar
-[Fix] Error box appearing at time of exiting Avant Browser
-[Fix][Gecko] Clearing records brought up the Firefox Safe Mode dialog box
-[Fix][Trident] Modifying Avant Browser Options caused Proxy>Connect directly to be checked again
-[Change] Set Chrome as the default rendering engine

BestSync 7.3.01 Portable by Evan

BestSync secures your data. For example, you can sync, compress and encrypt files to USB drive in office, and sync, decompress and decrypt to you home PC. Even if you lost the USB drive, the data is difficult to be deciphered. The Encryption Algorithm is Microsoft Strong Cryptographic Provider 128Bits RSA RC2.

BestSync is a very easy to use program that has an intuitive wizard to help you setup. It can start task when you insert the USB disk/Flash disk and Net drive mounting, she will flash the disk, after finish just pull the drive out.

BestSync Folder Synchronizer can mirror a local folder with a FTP site, only changed files are updated, and tasks are scheduled. Almost all the setting can be completed by mouse pointing. Special folders are easy to access, such as outlook mailbox and address, my document, my pictures, and digital camera photo, CD burning folder, etc.

BestSync is reliable. It has a task preview to let you adjust the hit item before action. It checks the disk capacity before action and gives you an option to protect read-only files, and rename file when a different content and same name file exists. It also has a log view, let you easily restore the backup files.


• Synchronize files between two folders in the single direction or bi-direction.
• Synchronization with a FTP server (With FrontPage publish support). It is efficient to update a WEB site, only changed files are updated to the server, and the deleted file can be removed automatically by option.
• Synchronous processing can be trigged by the event of insertion of a removable media, such as USB drive, a memory stick, CF card.
• Synchronization processing can also be trigged by the event of mount of a network drive.
• Insert a context menu "Encrypt Decrypt" in the Windows Explorer, It is simple to encrypt and compress files or decrypt and decompress files by this menu.
• Encrypt and Compress, or Decrypt and Decompress option can be specified for the synchronous task.. For example, when you synchronize files to a USB drive, the files are encrypted and compressed. And when the files are synchronized to a PC again, they are decrypted and decompressed. So it is safe even though the USB drive is lost. The default encryption algorithm is Microsoft Strong Crypto graphic Provider 128BITS RSA|RC2.
• It is simple to synchronize with a digital camera. Pictures in the digital camera can be automatically moved to a designated folder, and rules can be specified to rename the picture names.
• File time and wildcard patterns can be used as filtering conditions. The wildcard patterns can be part of the file name, extension and wild card characters (*,?,#).
• Sub-folders and files can be specified to include or exclude from the synchronization.
• The preview window of synchronization can be started to preview and modify the action before performing.
• Schedule can be specified for the tasks, the synchronization task can be started automatically, for example, every hour, every day, every week, every month, etc.
• Task can be schedule to run as a windows service without user logon. This is very suitable for a server to backup changed files.
• The files changed at the time of synchronization can be backed up, and restored later.
• The history of synchronous processing can be logged and confirmed later by log view window. Log data can be export to a CSV file or HTML file.
• Full Unicode support. BestSync can synchronize file name include characters of Chinese, Japanese, Korean.

What's new:

Supported the reduced redundancy storage option of Amazon S3.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

PotPlayer 1.5.33869 Stablle Portable by Evan

PotPlayer is a free advanced multimedia player. Done by the same Korean author as The KMPlayer. Considered to be faster and improved version of KMP. Plenty of features and rich customization. Built in support for most video formats and support for video in ZIP and RAR archives. 

What's new:
Note from DVB Support: A few pixel shader scripts have been added to the english installer pack to watch anaglyph 3D videos on PotPlayer without " Stereo Transformation" filter.So if you have Red/Cyan or Green/Magenta 3D glasses, open your 3D video and then select the related pixel shader after pressing "s" key.Also, to convert anaglyph 3D video to normal 2D, select "3D ... to 2D" pixel shader.

- This version is the latest announced version on (in Korean) -

Beyond Compare Portable by Evan

Beyond Compare 3 is the ideal tool for comparing files and folders on your Windows system. Visualize changes in your code and carefully reconcile them.

  • Compare Files, Folders
Beyond Compare allows you to quickly and easily compare your files and folders. By using simple, powerful commands you can focus on the differences you're interested in and ignore those you're not. You can then merge the changes, synchronize your files, and generate reports for your records.
  • Specialized Viewers
Beyond Compare includes built-in comparison viewers for a variety of data types. Compare .csv data or HTML tables in a Data Compare session, or images in a Picture Compare session.
  • 3-way Merge
Beyond Compare's intuitive Folder Sync interface lets you reconcile differences in your data automatically.

  • Beyond Compare's new merge view allows you to combine changes from two versions of a file into a single output. Its intelligent approach allows you to quickly accept most changes while carefully examining conflicts.
Synchronize Folder
What's new:
 * Archives
- Fixed crash when loading archives containing file paths of just '\' or '/'.
* Data Compare
- Fixed lines between grid rows being overdrawn by text rect.
* File Formats
- Fixed "Perl Scripts" handling of escape before apostrophe or quote in default text
* File Views
- Fixed codepage auto-detection defaulting to UTF-8 instead of ANSI if a better match isn't available.
* Folder Compare
- Added support for setting timestamps of symbolic links/reparse points.
- Fixed crash when using "Up One Level on Both Sides" and the current base folders are filtered out in the parent comparison.
- Fixed using "Move to Other Side" to overwrite a file in a subfolder when flattened.
- Fixed "Move to Folder" moving excluded items within selected folders.
- Fixed parsing Charon VAX 5.4.2 FTP listings.
- Fixed crash when adding '//' to the end of an FTP path in a file view.
* Hex Compare
- Fixed setting "Bytes per line" to 1.
- Fixed crash on systems using a Far East system locale. Removed buggy support for showing double byte character sets in the ANSI column.
* Linux
- Fixed crash when closing or switching away from a Text Merge when the merge output is in a separate window.
* Misc
- Fixed activating a tab from a minimized window on Vista/Windows 7.
- Fixed toolbar dropdown button width on Windows 8.
* Picture Compare
- Fixed support for DIB, MSK, and RLE bitmap file alphablending.
* Registry Compare
- Fixed key coloring after swapping sides.
* Reports
- Fixed applying changes to display filter mode in setup dialog.
* Source Control
- Comparisons launched from PVCS no longer disable editing of files with titles in order to improve compatibility with later PVCS releases.
* Text Views
- Fixed delimited grammar item handling of escape character across multiple lines.

Firefox 15.0b1 Portable by Evan

The Web is all about innovation, and Firefox sets the pace with dozens of new features to deliver a faster, more secure and customizable Web browsing experience for all.
User Experience. The enhancements to Firefox provide the best possible browsing experience on the Web. The new Firefox smart location bar, affectionately known as the "Awesome Bar," learns as people use it, adapting to user preferences and offering better fitting matches over time.
Performance. Firefox is built on top of the powerful new Gecko platform, resulting in a safer, easier to use and more personal product.
Security. Firefox raises the bar for security. The new malware and phishing protection helps protect from viruses, worms, trojans and spyware to keep people safe on the Web.
Customization. Everyone uses the Web differently, and Firefox lets users customize their browser with more than 5,000 add-ons.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Opera 12.50.1497 with Plugins Portable by Evan

Opera introduces the looks and the performance of an exceptional Web browser.
Opera is famous for its speed, security, flexibility, and standards support. Itself in supporting all major web standards currently in use, including CSS 2.1, XHTML 1.1, HTML 4.01, HTML5, WML 2.0, ECMAScript, DOM 2 and SVG 1.1 tiny.
General Features:
  • Tab stacking
  • Mouse gestures
  • Extensions
  • Opera Turbo
  • Speed Dial
  • Opera Link
  • Password manager
  • Opera Unite
  • Zoom
What's New:
Code name
  • Opera 12 beta uses "Tunny" as its code name.
Opera Presto 2.10 rendering engine
  • Opera 11.60 beta uses the latest version of the Opera Presto 2.10 rendering engine.
Opera Mail
The user interface for Opera Mail has been redesigned.
  • Two-lined message list: Opera Mail will now default to "list on the left, message on the right", with the newest message on top, and always showing message threads.
  • Mail grouping: Opera will automatically group messages by date. You can also group them by unread status, by pinned status, or not at all.
  • Cleaned up look: The mail toolbars are simplified, and icons have been redesigned.
  • New settings dialogs: The "View" dropdown menu with all its sub-menus has been replaced by an overlay dialog that can be reached by clicking the "wrench" button.
  • Pinning: You can now "pin" messages with one click in the message list or in the message headers, to mark a message for attention. This pinning is mapped to the IMAP \Flagged feature, so it corresponds to "starring" and "flagging" in other IMAP clients, and with Gmail's starred messages.