Friday, July 20, 2012

BestSync 7.3.01 Portable by Evan

BestSync secures your data. For example, you can sync, compress and encrypt files to USB drive in office, and sync, decompress and decrypt to you home PC. Even if you lost the USB drive, the data is difficult to be deciphered. The Encryption Algorithm is Microsoft Strong Cryptographic Provider 128Bits RSA RC2.

BestSync is a very easy to use program that has an intuitive wizard to help you setup. It can start task when you insert the USB disk/Flash disk and Net drive mounting, she will flash the disk, after finish just pull the drive out.

BestSync Folder Synchronizer can mirror a local folder with a FTP site, only changed files are updated, and tasks are scheduled. Almost all the setting can be completed by mouse pointing. Special folders are easy to access, such as outlook mailbox and address, my document, my pictures, and digital camera photo, CD burning folder, etc.

BestSync is reliable. It has a task preview to let you adjust the hit item before action. It checks the disk capacity before action and gives you an option to protect read-only files, and rename file when a different content and same name file exists. It also has a log view, let you easily restore the backup files.


• Synchronize files between two folders in the single direction or bi-direction.
• Synchronization with a FTP server (With FrontPage publish support). It is efficient to update a WEB site, only changed files are updated to the server, and the deleted file can be removed automatically by option.
• Synchronous processing can be trigged by the event of insertion of a removable media, such as USB drive, a memory stick, CF card.
• Synchronization processing can also be trigged by the event of mount of a network drive.
• Insert a context menu "Encrypt Decrypt" in the Windows Explorer, It is simple to encrypt and compress files or decrypt and decompress files by this menu.
• Encrypt and Compress, or Decrypt and Decompress option can be specified for the synchronous task.. For example, when you synchronize files to a USB drive, the files are encrypted and compressed. And when the files are synchronized to a PC again, they are decrypted and decompressed. So it is safe even though the USB drive is lost. The default encryption algorithm is Microsoft Strong Crypto graphic Provider 128BITS RSA|RC2.
• It is simple to synchronize with a digital camera. Pictures in the digital camera can be automatically moved to a designated folder, and rules can be specified to rename the picture names.
• File time and wildcard patterns can be used as filtering conditions. The wildcard patterns can be part of the file name, extension and wild card characters (*,?,#).
• Sub-folders and files can be specified to include or exclude from the synchronization.
• The preview window of synchronization can be started to preview and modify the action before performing.
• Schedule can be specified for the tasks, the synchronization task can be started automatically, for example, every hour, every day, every week, every month, etc.
• Task can be schedule to run as a windows service without user logon. This is very suitable for a server to backup changed files.
• The files changed at the time of synchronization can be backed up, and restored later.
• The history of synchronous processing can be logged and confirmed later by log view window. Log data can be export to a CSV file or HTML file.
• Full Unicode support. BestSync can synchronize file name include characters of Chinese, Japanese, Korean.

What's new:

Supported the reduced redundancy storage option of Amazon S3.