Friday, July 6, 2012

Rainlendar 2.10 Lite Portable by Evan

Rainlendar is a highly configurable calendar application which holds upcoming events and urgent tasks, then alerts you in advance so you won't forget anything important.
The program can be set up to display your schedule in just about any way that you'd like. You might choose to view a single month in a calendar, a number of months, the whole year maybe - not a problem. And you can then display as many calendars in a window as you like. It's all very flexible.
A Rainlendar window doesn't have to get in your way, either. By default the Windows version will display a one-month calendar on a transparent background, so you can see your desktop and other applications underneath. It's likely you'll be able to leave the window in a corner of your screen without it interfering with other work.
The program stores its data in standard iCalendar format, so if you currently use another calendar application then you may be able to export its data to Rainlendar. But even if you're starting from scratch, it won't take long to get up to speed - creating new events or tasks is very easy. You're able to specify all the details you need - event location, an associated URL, start and end time, if and when it repeats, more - and optionally add an alarm to remind you.

What's new:
o The exception days were not applied correctly with the CSV export.
o The time for the events and tasks did not take into account the daylight saving time when exporting CSV.
o Deleting tasks with subtasks didn't work correctly when done in the manager dialog.
o Dismissing alarms did not work if the UID property had spaces at the end.
o Rainlendar crashed if the root item in the active skin list was double clicked.
o Toodledo start time was set to the due time when creating or editing the tasks.
o Improvements to the Toodledo recurrence support.
o Changing the status of a task in the change fields dialog did not work correctly.