Friday, May 31, 2013

PotPlayer 1.5.38072 Beta Portable by Evan

PotPlayer is a free advanced multimedia player. Plenty of features and rich customization. Built in support for most video formats and support for video in ZIP and RAR archives.

Opera 12.15.1748 [STABLE] Portable by Evan

Opera 10.50 is the fastest Web browser available, and offers many powerful features with a new and beautiful minimalistic design. It is absolutely free, comes in 43 languages, and works on Windows, Mac and Linux. A smart address field makes searching and entering addresses super easy. Private browsing lets you browse without leaving traces of where you've been. Opera Turbo is also included to compress Web pages and boost your browsing speed on croweded Wi-Fi hotspots, tethered mobile phones, or dial-up connections. Download now and get the best Web experience! Or read more at 

The latest version of Opera Browser is 12.15.1748, released on 04/06/2013. It was initially added to our database on 8/26/2007.
Users of Opera Browser gave it a rating of 5 out of 5 stars.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

QtWeb 3.8.4 Portable by Evan

QtWeb is compact, portable and secure web browser having some unique UI and privacy features. QtWeb is an open source project based on Nokia's Qt framework (former Trolltech) and Apple's WebKit rendering engine (the same as being used in Apple Safari and Google Chrome).
* Change Application Style on the fly, and see how the program and websites look under different versions of Windows and Unix environment
* Move Navigation Bar and Bookmarks Bar anywhere within a mainframe, or even undock and place them on the Desktop
* Tabbed browsing by default. User Interface can be switched to non-tabbed
* Turn on Private Browsing mode to avoid leaving traces of browsing, even UserAgent which is being sent to the web server is masked
* Full Reset feature - clears all caches and restores all local settings to the state just after installation, as it was never run on the machine
* Supported SSL to access secure sites. Certificate information and certification path can be displayed
What's new:
- Qt Framework is upgraded to the latest version 4.8.4
- The latest AppleWebKit 534.34, which is faster and more robust
- Windows (Win32), MacOS X (cocoa), Linux & Unix (elf) binaries
- Minor improvements and bug fixes


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Kodu Game Lab Portable by Evan

Kodu lets kids create games on the PC and XBox via a simple visual programming language. Kodu can be used to teach creativity, problem solving, storytelling, as well as programming. Anyone can use Kodu to make a game, young children as well as adults with no design or programming skills.

Kodu Teaches more than Programming:

  • Kodu is a rich tool for narrative creation and storytelling
  • Kodu demonstrates that programming is a creative medium
  • Kodu helps children with critical thinking, breaking a complex goal into manageable steps, and iterate on the design process – an approach applicable to all academic subjects, business and personal relationships
  • Kodu introduces the logic and problem solving of programming
  • Kodu introduces conditions and sequences, which teaches cause and effect
  • Students learn about cooperation, logic and creativity in addition to programming

    Anyone Can Use Kodu:
  • Kodu can be taught by any teacher, no previous programming expertise required
  • Ages 8 and up typically have the most success

  • Monday, May 27, 2013

    SoftwareIdeasModeler 6.16 Portable by Evan

    Software Ideas Modeler intended as an intuitive, quick diagram creator useful for a variety of applications such as software and user-interface development. The program can create a wide variety of diagrams such as
    Can also create flowcharts, CRC cards, hierarchical task analysis, entity life history, and mind maps. Printing available in batch and with multiple pages per diagram, as well as a variety of export formats including PNG, JPG, GIF, TIFF, SVG, PDF, and WMF/EMF.

    Cross platform, officially supporting GNU/Linux (via Mono), with for-pay premium features available. 


    SmartSync Pro 4.1 build 93 + SmartSync Monitor Pro 1.1 build 18 TRIAL Portable by Evan

    SmartSync Pro is a tool to backup and synchronize your important data to the same drive, different drive, removable drive, network volume or even a remote computer. It offers a step-by-step wizard that helps you setting up your backup profiles to configure what, where and when to copy. SmartSync Pro can also delete obsolete files and restore originals fast an easy. The program works in two modes, a local backup/synchronization, which is used to replicate important files to another location, to save files to a zip archive, to make a compressed incremental backups and to synchronize two or more folders. The second mode, Remote Synchronization allows you to synchronize files and folders when computers cannot be connected via local network. In this case, the program tracks changes and additions in source files, then compresses those files, ready to be transferred to the remote computer. SmartSync Pro can optionally be set up to automatically synchronize remote computers via e-mail or FTP. Additional features include a built in scheduler, password protection, file filters, email summaries and more.
    SmartSync Monitor allows you to monitor and control each copy of the SmartSync Pro installed on your LAN.

    Foxit Reader Portable by Evan

    Foxit Reader is a free PDF document viewer, with incredible small size, breezing-fast launch speed and rich feature set. Its core function is compatible with PDF Standard 1.7.
    • Incredibly small: The download size of Foxit Reader is just a fraction of Acrobat Reader 50 M size.
    • Breezing-fast: When you run Foxit Reader, it launches instantly without any delay. You are not forced to view an annoying splash window displaying company logo, author names, etc.
    • Annotation tool: Have you ever wished to annotate (or comment on) a PDF document when you are reading it? Foxit Reader allows you to draw graphics, highlight text, type text and make notes on a PDF document and then print out or save the annotated document.
    • Text converter: You may convert the whole PDF document into a simple text file.
    • High security and privacy: Foxit Reader highly respects the security and privacy of users and will never connect to the Internet without users' permission. While other PDF readers often silently connect to the Internet in the background. Foxit PDF Reader does not contain any spyware.


    Surf Anonymous Free Portable by Evan

    Surf Anonymous Free is an advanced and reliable software for Internet users who want to ensure that their sessions and all online activities are secure and private.
    Whether you're surfing the Web, shopping eBay, remarking in a forum, or blogging in secret, secrecy is the last thing to meet when online. Somewhere, somehow, some people are trying to trace you and sniff your credit card information and your social security number, even your identity.
    That's why we need to surf anonymously, i.e. browsing the Web while hiding our IP address and any other personally identifiable information from the websites that one is visiting.
    Surf Anonymous Free is the most advanced and reliable software for Internet users who want to ensure that their sessions and all online activities are secure and private. For instance, it is used to protect your sensitive data such as bank account information, private photos from being stolen and pried, or visit those websites, blogs and forums that once blocked you.
    • Keep Your Internet Activities Safe and Private
      • Via our anonymous proxy servers, you are hardly traced or monitored by hackers when browsing websites. Therefore, all your online activities can be protected against others' prying.
    • Help You Browse Web Anonymously
      • Surf Anonymous Free ensures you to send anonymous email or post on bulletin boards without displaying your real IP address.
    • Guard Your Wireless Connection
      • Via Surf Anonymous Free, your wireless Internet surfing is protected by establishing a secure tunnel, which could encrypt all your browser traffic so it can not be intercepted and read.
    • Protect You From Cybercrime
      • No trail of activity can be used to track back to your computer by cybercriminals since you are spoofing with a fake IP address. From now on, you are totally free of identity theft, credit card fraud and other crimes.
    • Excellent Compatibility
      • Surf Anonymous Free supports Internet Explorer, Firefox, Maxthon, MyIE browsers, Opera, etc., and could be run on platforms including Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/7.

    SRWare Iron 27.0.1500 Portable

    Iron is a clone of Google Chrome based on the Chromium-source and offers the same features as Chrome without the critical points that concern users´ privacy.
    Unlike Google Chrome, Iron does not track the user´s web surfing patterns. Enjoy the best of Google Chrome without worrying about maintaining your privacy to have to do it.

    Thursday, May 23, 2013

    Robotask 5.64.809 Portable by Evan

    RoboTask enables you to automate any combination of tasks on your computer, ranging from simply launching applications, to checking email, moving or backing up files to uploading or downloading, sending email and much more. The program allows to easily create simple task, as well as highly complex automations, involving conditional IF/ELSE statements, loops, custom variables and other advanced options.

    Slimboat 1.1.32 Portable by Evan

    SlimBoat is a fast and secure web browser software fully loaded with handy features. It includes an automatic form filler which gives you one-click access to your favorite online accounts. It helps minimize annoyances and distractions with highly effective popup blocker and ad blocker. It let you quickly share a web page or selected text/image on facebook with a single click. SlimBoat is powered by Webkit and runs on Windows, Mac and Linux.
    What's new:

    • Bug fix: Bookmarks menu not clickable under Mac
    • Added menu "View:Toolbars:Lock Toolbar".
    • Buf fix: unable to change tabs page background color


    Wednesday, May 22, 2013

    PickPick 3.2.5 Portable by Evan

    PicPick is an all-in-one program that provides a full-featured screen capture tool, an intuitive image editor, a color picker, a color palette, a pixel- ruler, a protractor, a crosshair and even a whiteboard.
    This software is distributed as a freeware for personal use only. In this case, you are granted the right to use this program free of charge. Otherwise, you need to pay for a license for commercial use. 
    What's new:
    • Fixed an issue of Save All
    • Fixed an issue of Windows 8 compatibility
    • Fixed an issue of Send to Skype
    • Language updates
    • Minor bugs are fixed 


    GoodSync [TRIAL] Portable by Evan

    GoodSync is an easy, secure, and reliable way to automatically synchronize and back up your photos, MP3s, and important files. Thanks to this program's step-by-step trips, managing your files and folders is as simple as a few clicks of your mouse. Backing-up and/or synchronizing your critical documents is as easy as one click, and can also be scheduled using a variety of automatic options.
    What's new:
    * Azure: fix connections over proxy.
    * S3 certificates: relax validation rules for sub-domains.
    * Google Drive: fix authentication token refresh on expiration (1 hour).
    * SkyDrive: always send cookies, remove option not to send them.
    * Sym Links to SFTP: more fixes to link syncing.
    * Copy ACL was not working when copying between Local and GSTP.
    * Linux: change daemon option to /service=userid:groupid.

    Tuesday, May 21, 2013

    BurnAware Free 6.2 Portable by Evan

    BurnAware Free is one of the most popular free CD, DVD, Blu-ray Disc burning software available for Windows.

    Using this program you can easily create and burn Audio and MP3 CD, Data and DVD-Video disc, ISO and Cue Image,
    erase or format rewritable disc, copy your CD or DVD to ISO image.


  • Create data, bootable and multisession CD/DVD/Blu-ray Discs
  • Create Audio CDs and MP3 CD/DVD/Blu-ray Discs
  • Create DVD-Video
  • Record boot disc images
  • Create and record disc images
  • Supports all current hardware interfaces (IDE/SCSI/USB/1394/SATA)
  • Supports UDF/ISO9660/Joliet Bridged file systems (any combination)
  • On-the-fly writing for all image types (no staging to hard drive first)
  • Auto-verification of written files
  • Supports CD-Text and unicode characters
  • Supports Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 (32 and 64 Bit), no drivers required

    New Features:

    Added an option to set priority for any file or folder.
    Added a new file manager into the main window.


    Improved the process of burning and copying.
    Preserve date and time of files and directories during import.
    Modified the method of adding and processing the data.
    "Browse for Folder" dialogs have been updated.
    Updated user interface and translations.


    Fixed the bug with locking the program while erasing RW discs.
    Resolved compatibility problems with emulation software (Daemon Tools, Alcohol 120% etc.).
    Fixed the bug with incorrectly detection the sector size of an ISO image file.
    Fixed the bug with timestamps of directories in UDF compilations.
    Fixed the bug with detection of source drive while direct copying.

  • Monday, May 20, 2013

    SyncBack Free Portable by Evan

    This straightforward backup utility makes it a snap to safeguard and synchronize your files, and its freeware price just sweetens the deal. Surprisingly flexible for a free program, SyncBack can save your files anywhere: on external hard drives, in ZIP archives, on network drives, on CDs (using UDF), or transfer them via FTP. Recovering from a drive loss is also cinch, with a convenient restore tool that replicates folder trees along with the files in them.


    • Copy open/locked files (XP/2003/Vista).
    • Fast Backup feature that greatly reduces backup time, especially over networks.
    • Smart Synchronization.
    • Zip compression that has no limit on the number and size of files.
    • WinZip compatible 256-bit AES encryption.
    • FTP engine that supports the latest FTP features, e.g. MODE Z compression and SSL/TLS encryption.
    • Complete control over which files and folders to backup.
    • Fully Unicode so it can copy files with filenames in any language.


    PotPlayer 1.5.37776 [STABLE] Portable by Evan

    PotPlayer is a free advanced multimedia player. Plenty of features and rich customization. Built in support for most video formats and support for video in ZIP and RAR archives

     What's new:

    • Added the ability to calibrate rotation when playing .MOV files
    • Added the ability to set an alternative font for Japanese and Chinese characters (In English Windows only)
    • Added PCM/AC3/DTS audio processing support for WDM devices
    • Increased bitrate of personel broadcasting up to 4M
    • Added personal broadcasting advertisement
    • Fixed some broadcasting problems in certain situations

    Sunday, May 19, 2013

    BandiZip 3.04 Portable by Evan

    Bandizip is an intuitive and fast archiving application that supports WinZip, 7-Zip, and WinRAR, as well as other archive formats.

    Bandizip supports for ZIP, 7Z, RAR, ALZ, EGG, TAR, BH, LZH, GZ, BZ2, ISO, CAB, WIM, XZ, ARJ, and Z archives files and users can create self-extracting files (.EXE) and multi-volume (split) archives files.

    Bandizip has very fast Zip algorithm for compression & extraction by "Fast Drag and Drop" and "High Speed Archiving" function.

    When you archive multimedia files (AVI, WMV, MP3...) or archived files (ZIP, RAR, 7Z...), you can't get good compression results. These files are hard to compress and sometimes the file size could be bigger than the original one. Bandizip's "High Speed Archiving" function will allow you to compress or bypass the files its own algorithm. It will increase the archiving speed dramatically.

    A number of file archiving software extract files to temporary folder, and then it copies the files to the targeted folder. Bandizip's "Fast Drag & Drop" function does not use temporary folder, and it just extracts to the targeted folder directly. It will increase the extraction speed dramatically.

    Another advantage of Bandizip is that it supports Unicode system perfectly. Bandizip has "Code Page", and it will allow you to select a language in archive without breaking international characters.

    With "Fast Drag & Drop", "High Speed Archiving", and "Code Page" functions, Bandizip might be the sensation in archiving software market.