Friday, July 6, 2012

Q-Dir 5.22 Portable

Q-Dir is a portable file manager that comes equipped with a few extra options, compared to Windows Explorer.

Thanks to the software's portability, installation is not necessary. You can place Q-Dir on a removable device and run it on any computer. More importantly, your Windows registry entries will remain intact.

By default, the user interface is split into four windows. Each window has its own treeview (if you want to display it), or you can change the viewing mode, so that a single treeview is displayed for all areas.

Furthermore, you can switch to 3-window or 2-window mode (just like in Total Commander), 4-window displayed vertically or horizontally, and others.

In addition, you can duplicate a window, save the current state and load it later, open Command Prompt, use the search function, as well as export the current list of files and folders to a text document.

Moreover, you can switch to full screen mode, sort files and folders in an ascending or descending order, create and manage a favorites list, set Q-Dir to remember the last position when exiting or to always start with the current window position, integrate it in the context menu, and more.

The application uses a low-to-moderate amount of system resources, supports the "drag and drop" method and several languages, and also contains a brief but concise help file. You can use keyboard shortcuts and fully customize the toolbar. We haven't come across any issues when trying out this file manager.

· Favorites: Quick access to most often used folders
· Drag and Drop: Move files by dragging in Q-views, and other programs such as MS Explorer
· Clipboard: Copy/Paste between the Q-Dir directory views, and other programs such as MS Explorer
· Folder-Type: ZIP-, FTP-, cabinet-, network-, system-folders, shortcuts
· Views: large icons, tiles, list, detail, thumbnail (Vista: extra large symbols)
· Export: to XLS, CSV, TXT, HTML
· Popup Menus: Desktop, My Computer
· Screen magnifier: anything on the screen can be enlarged
· Color Filter: Different colors for different item types (e.g. LOG, TXT)
· Highlight-Filter: Effective way for fast items highlighting
· File-Filter: Allows for quick and easy filtering of the items
· Columns: All columns support, and save function
· Quick-Links: For fast folder access
· Folder-Select: Fast and flexible folder selection address-bar/desktop menu/my-computer menu
· Multi-INI: Several INI files for Q-Dir
· Tree-View: Simple and quadruple
· Preview: Allows a quick preview

What's new:
· New: Tab Stop in Listview Header Control is disabled (Windows-7 / 8 / Vista / Server-2008)
· Update of the language files in Q-Dir.