Thursday, March 1, 2012

SuperFlexible File Synchronizer 5.68a [TRIAL] Portable by Evan

Synchronizing and backing up files is extremely simple thanks to this backup program's ease-of-use. With views tailored to novices and more experienced users, it will appeal to both.

Super Flexible File Synchronizer uses a wizard-like approach for beginners. Simply select the task that you wish to accomplish and the program walks you through the process of getting the job done. Its second user interface mode (Advanced) gets right to the point and lets you manually create and edit backup tasks. The Program Settings menu offers tons of configuration options for storing profiles, start-up, log files, and notifications. And despite the many options, we weren't overwhelmed or confused by the instructions. We walked through both synchronization methods, and were able to very quickly and easily synchronize folders. Using the advanced method interface, we were able to export our selected profiles to our location of choice, and we were able to view any activity through the log files.

In terms of help, the program offers the most extensive Help resources we've seen. It comes with six Help menus that each focus on a different aspect of the program, such as editing and scheduling profiles. There is also a tips feature and a link to the publisher's Web site. The 30-day trial period is more than enough time to learn the program's ins and outs

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