Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Q-Dir 5.00 Portable

Windows Explorer is undoubtedly an old-school application and although we all use it, one way or another, it is continuously losing ground in front of more advanced file managers.

Q-Dir is just an example, as this application has been specifically developed to serve as a Windows Explorer replacement, allowing users to browse up to four locations at the same time.

Its interface is extremely simple and intuitive and although it has the same context menus as Windows Explorer, it’s still impressively easy to work with multiple files. Dragging and dropping from one window to another allows you to copy a file in a second, but Q-Dir also comes with its very own settings.

Q-Dir also supports tabbed browsing, which means one of the panels can open multiple folders at the same time and organize them in tabs, in the same way Internet browsers do with websites.

Plus, it has several extras, thus allowing you to customize the application a little bit, especially when it comes to layout and the way it looks.

And speaking of customization, Q-Dir also comes with a rich settings menu, with numerous options regarding the colors, the navigation and the inside views.

Just as expected, Q-Dir runs pretty smooth and won’t eat up your CPU and RAM, so it can easily work on older computers too. Not to mention that you can also copy it on an USB flash drive and use it wherever you go.

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