Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Opera 11.62.1324 with Plugins Portable by Evan

What's new:
CORE-40077 (getAttribute on namespaced attribute in XHR response fails on metoffice.gov.uk)
CORE-44763 (Acid3 crash with Snap Links extension installed)
DSK-335820 (Opera replaces existing saved files without warning - crash fix)
DSK-340104 (Opera clipboard incompatible with synergy / vnc / rdesktop / VMware / VirtualBOX - was fixed on 12.00 a while ago, now fixed on 11.62)
DSK-340710 (New tab button overlaps the Extender menu button and tabs when Tab Bar is placed right or left)
DSK-351582 (Crash when writing in address field after bookmark has been deleted)
DSK-357896 (No Gtk toolkit support under FreeBSD 9)

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