Friday, March 16, 2012

Opera 11.62.1332 and Opera Next 12.00.1328 Portable with Plugins by Evan

What's new:
CORE-44526 Opera crashes when closing a list inside a table with rows followed by a select tag
CORE-44843 never starts loading when going back to homepage from an article
DSK-319646 Can't easily save/open files downloaded in tiny pop-up windows
DSK-355473 [Mail] Opera doesn't remember the last selected message in the list correctly through a restart anymore
DSK-351772 [Mail] Selected message not consistent on layout switching
Message from Authors:
"A new snapshot that only resolves the known issue with extension preferences. If you installed builds between 12 build 1317 and this, you will loose the extension preferences and data create in these builds. Preferences from previous build will again become accessible with this new snapshot. With the known issue resolved: we’ll resume pushing builds through auto-update soon."
What's new:
CORE-44003 (Extension storage folder unintentionally moved into the cache folder)

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