Wednesday, February 13, 2013

MultiCommander Portable by Evan

Multi Commander is a customizable, feature-rich, and multi-tabbed file manager with a dual-pane layout. The program includes the standard file manager features with the ability to browse a variety of resources including local hard drives, network servers/shares, archives (zip, 7zip, rar, bz2), system registry, and FTP (with SSL/TLS Support). Available tools include quick search, file verifier, splitter, audio, picture, clipboard, permissions, and many more.

Includes intelligent functions that allow you to do advanced tasks with ease such as auto-unpacking, auto-sorting, internal file type associations, a powerful script engine, and command-line field
 What's new:
  Minor Fixes - 25+ Changes

  ADDED - MultiScript function for working with file attributes ( AddFileAttributes/Set.../Remove.../Get../Has...)
  ADDED - MultiScript function MoveFile(....)
  ADDED - Search now support exclude filtering.
  ADDED - Pressing Ctrl+Q in the Favorites Window will now toggle between the Name and Path
  FIXED - If 'New version' checking at startup was aborted or timed out could hang MultiCommander.
  FIXED - Some wildcard matching problem with Search Tool.
  FIXED - Crash issue if Multi Commander was closed before all of the startup tasks was finished.
  FIXED - Favorites Windows is now shown in the places that HotPath was shown before.
  FIXED - Some issues with the Favorites Windows
  FIXED - 2 Crashes reported by crash report system