Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cobian Backup Portable by Evan

Cobian Backup - Easy-to-use freeware program that allows you to schedule a backup of individual files or directories, moving them to a specific directory to other directories / drives on the same computer or on a remote server on the network. Cobian Backup is composed of two parts - a graphical environment and a system service.
Cobian Backup graphical user interface is extremely simple and contains all the necessary options to phase backup. The user need only specify the time, the source and destination. You can also specify additional options (such as compression or encryption). The system monitors the service start time and saved jobs, so the user does not need to check the work program through the shell. The program uses very few resources - can work in the background, checking for redundancy and keeping a backup, if necessary. Cobian Backup supports several methods of compression and coding of qualitative data.

Key features:
- Ability to ignore or include objects in the archive.
- There is full support for the FTP protocol in both directions.
- Archives Zip and 7-Zip can include empty directories.
- Work with a service background copy of data.
- Fine-tuning the user interface.
- Improved starting and stopping service.
- Do not conflict with antivirus software.
- Working with file attributes.
- Contains a section of frequently asked questions and answers.
- Multilingual user interface localization.

What's new:
* Russian language updated
* Ucranian translation added
* German language added (at last!!!)
* Portuguese-BR files updated
* Czech help file updated