Monday, February 4, 2013

MultiCommander 2.8.2 build 1291 Portable by Evan

Multi Commander is a multi-tabbed file manager that is an alternative to the standard Windows.

Multi Commander has a everything you need in your daily works with files to make your work fast and efficient.

Multi Commander has all the standard features like a file manager has like copy, move, rename, view. But Multi Commanders big strength is the special features that allow you to do advanced task with ease. Like Auto-unpacking , Auto-sorting , Browse inside archives, registry and FTP, Search for file, View files and pictures and the Scripting support let you automate many task. And it allows you to do everything from the keyboard using shortcut so you can work fast and efficient.

Key Features:

  • Tabs allowing you to have multiple folders open.
  • Caching that enable fast file browsing.
  • Background work for all tasks that takes time to finish, allowing you to continue working without interruptions.
  • Customize the layout and colors to fit your styling needs.
  • Extensions and plugins that will increase the functionality of Multi Commander.
  • FTP, Registry , Zip, 7-Zip, Rar , Tar , GZ , Bz2 , Jar  Support
  • View and Change file permissions, Take ownership of files.
  • Picture tools like Convert / Rotate Pictures, View/Remove EXIF tags, Adjust EXIF Date of pictures.
  • Internal picture viewer for Jpg, Png, Gif, Png, Bmp, Tiff and many RAW formats.
 What's new:

 ADDED - MultiScript function for working with file attributes ( AddFileAttributes/Set.../Remove.../Get../Has...)
 ADDED - MultiScript function MoveFile(....)
 ADDED - Search now support exclude filtering.
 ADDED - Pressing Ctrl+Q in the Favorites Window will now toggle between the Name and Path
 FIXED - If 'New version' checking at startup was aborted or timed out could hang MultiCommander.
 FIXED - Some wildcard matching problem with Search Tool.
 FIXED - Crash issue if Multi Commander was closed before all of the startup tasks was finished.
 FIXED - Favorites Windows is now shown in the places that HotPath was shown before.
 FIXED - Some issues with the Favorites Windows
 FIXED - 2 Crashes reported by crash report system