Thursday, January 17, 2013

PaleMoon 15.4 Portable

Pale Moon Portable is a speed-optimized version of Firefox exclusively for modern chipsets, boasting an average 25% speed increase on many operations. The program requires one of the following processors:
  • Pentium IV, M, or D
  • Celeron-M or D
  • AMD Opteron / Athlon64 / Sempron
  • Any multi-core processor

What's new:
 Several security and stability issues have been fixed in this update:
  • Deal with bogus Turktrust certs MFSA 2013-20
  • Several memory security hazards fixed MFSA 2013-01
  • Updated OTS library to r95 to fix potential font-related exploits
  • Security fix for libpixman stack buffer overflow
  • Fix for certain types of input lag on Twitter/Facebook & other sites with unnecessary DOM invalidations
  • Fix for HTTP pipelining re-use (improve pipelining logic)
  • Performance&stability updates to cairo and direct2d back-end
  • Improved performance for repeat gradients