Monday, January 14, 2013

MeGUI 1.2237 Portable by Evan

MeGUI is a free and open source tool to process and convert your video and audio files. It brings all your ducks in a row to create efficient, state-of-the-art and high-quality formats that are supported by a very large number of today's media players. By providing a flexible job automation and management it helps you to clear your head for other tasks.
Main activities and features:
  • Converts files for your iPod and all the other media players
  • Processes high-quality HD-video/audio files or your DVD and Blue-Ray rips
  • Automatizes all your conversion jobs
  • Adds powerful filters to improve your results
  • Speeds up your tasks by creating multiple threads for your multi-core CPU
Codecs and Formats:
  • Creates ISO MPEG-4 and MKV files by using efficient and free codecs (Video: x264, XviD; Audio: AAC, AC-3 and many more)
  • Supports MPEG-4 ASP (xvid), MPEG-4 AVC (x264), AAC, MP2, MP3, Flac, Vorbis and AC3 audio and various common containers such as MP4, MKV, AVI or M2TS
What's new:
 # Features/Changes:
- enhanced OneClick tool (read details in the block below)
- AviSynth is not required to be installed anymore. Instead a portable version will be used when required.
- The audio encoder QAAC and OPUS have been added - FAAC has been removed. Because of the external dependencies QAAC must be enabled in the MeGUI settings. Additionally for QAAC some files must be installed (
- added better MP4 language support & several Apple devices tunings especially for chapters
# Enhanced OneClick encoder:
- Blu-ray processing (Folder + Playlist)
- DVD folder + file processing (including PGC support).
- folder as input supported.
- support multiple input files per drag & drop
- new subtitle control (including delay, language, name, forced/default flag).
- subtitle support for MP4, AVI and M2TS output container
- enhanced audio control (added delay, language, name)
- AVS files as video input supported.
- embedded VOB subtitle support (IFO must be available)
- every OneClick job will be stored in a unique working directory.
- option to select default audio/subtitle languages
- option to select different default audio settings for different languages
- option to select default working and output directory
- option to specify the indexer priority and added AviSource() as way to process AVI files
- options to define the project name settings
- the x264 target playback device settings will be used for resizing
- input DAR detection moved from postprocessing to initial opening step
- convert TrueHD and DTS-HD tracks with eac3to when the track should be encoded
# Enhancements/Fixes:
- [DGIndexNV] enhanced progress information (requires dgindexnv 2043+)
- [DGIndexNV] added support for MP4 container (requires dgindexnv 2044+)
- [AviSynth Script Creator] added option to select 2/4/8 as mod values for "Suggest Resolution"
- [AviSynth Script Creator] fixed "Suggest Resolution (mod16)" handling
- [FFMS] try to index audio tracks only if at least one audio track has been selected
- [File Indexer] added DFSC/VFW and CFHD/CINEFORM to the list of not by FFMS supported codecs
- [File Indexer] added PGC handling
- [File Indexer] added selectable FFMS index file location
- [HD Streams Extractor] fixed handling of input files with a + in the file name
- [Log] added Windows 8 / .NET 4.5 detection
- [Log] if Haali is not correctly installed a warning will be logged
- [MediaInfo] ignore phantom TiVo audio tracks
- [MediaInfo] some adjustments for frame rate detection with MediaInfo 0.7.59+
- [MKVExtract] fixed handling of input file name which contains error or warning
- [MP4 Muxer] changed muxer to use the ISO 639-2/T language codes
- [Update] fixed a problem if the automatic update check is disabled and components are missing
- [x264] increased the maximum value for --vbv-maxrate and --vbv-bufsize. Bug #3573545
- [x264] lowered PS3 device level from 4.2 to 4.1 in order to enhance compatibility
- fixed a crash when using a corrupt settings.xml.