Friday, October 12, 2012

Slypheed 3.3 beta 2 Portable by Evan

Sylpheed is a compact and fast e-mail and news client that is very light on resources. The interface of the program is very intuitive for most people that have used a mail client before.

But the program is easy to work with for any computer user and guides you through the setup of your mailbox from the startup. Advanced users will soon learn that the application is loaded with features and will accomodate their needs as well.

Sylpheed is a good alternative to other email clients due to its functions and its graceful interface.


· Unlimited multiple account handling

· Thread display

· Filtering

· MIME (attachments)

· built-in image view
· X-Face support
· External editor support
· Message queueing
· Draft message function
· Template
· Line-wrapping
· Clickable URI
· XML-based addressbook
· LDAP addressbook
· Jpilot addressbook (for Palm types handhelds)
· Newly arrived and unread message management
· Multiple MH folder support
· Mew/Wanderlust compatible key bindings
· News reader function
· Printing
· UIDL support
· APOP authentication
· SMTP AUTH support
· IPv6 support
· GPG encryption and signature
· Autoconf, automake support
· Support of i18n of messages by gettext
· Supports many locales, including UTF-8 (Unicode), when using libjconv
· IMAP4 compliant

What's new:

· The ability of opening external rfc822 format message files (.eml) was added.
· Sylpheed now accepts mailto: and file: URL without command-line option.
· (sylpheed file:///path/to/file.eml)
· The option to specify the position of the attach tool button was added.
· The header labels on the header view now have tooltips.
· A minor memory leak related to tooltips was fixed.
· The long-standing drag-without-button-press bug on IMAP folders (since 3.0) was fixed (#93).
· The sylpheed.desktop file was modified so that desktop shells can recognize Sylpheed as rfc822 and mailto handler.
· The sylpheed.spec file was fixed so that it builds on x86_64 platform, and also builds sylpheed-plugins package