Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Opera Next 12.10.1627 with Plugins Portable by Evan

This build brings support of RFC 6555 - Happy Eyeballs to Opera! rolleyes Now Opera tries to connect to IPv4 and IPv6 hosts simultaneously and chooses whichever responds the faster. This will eliminate connection delays for in cases when IPv4 or IPv6 is slow or unavailable. Also this build fixes another NSL bug. Look after any regressions, though! bug

Following numerous requests at forums here and there, we fixed a few long-standing issues with navigating back and fast-forward, restoring session after powerloss situations and handling keys on some platforms.

Known issues
Regressed in previous snapshot, we know about them, no need to tell us again:
  • DSK-375750 (Can't restore window if theme installed)
  • DSK-375770 (Black Opera window having a tab with windowed plugin active and minimizing then restoring Opera's window)