Wednesday, February 22, 2012

RedNotebook 1.3.0 Portable

RedNotebook is a modern journal that supports calendar navigation, while also containing personalized templates, word clouds and backup options. You can also format, tag and search your entries.

Here are some key features of "RedNotebook":

· Tagging
· Spell Check
· Format your text bold, italic or underlined
· Insert Images, files and links to websites
· Links and mail addresses are recognized automatically
· Live-Search
· Automatic saving
· Backup to zip archive
· Word Clouds with most often used words and tags
· Templates
· Export the journal to PDF, HTML, Latex or plain text
· The data is stored in plain text files, no database is needed
· Translated into more than 20 languages

What's new:
· Let tags be categories without entries. This greatly simplifies and in fact unifies tags and categories.
· Unify clouds and search -> Show the search bar above the clouds
· When a search is made, substitute the word cloud with the search results.
· Apply styling for thick horizontal lines
· Apply formatting only once if a format button is clicked multiple times
· Allow "Close to tray" only on Windows as most modern Linux distros don't have a tray anymore
· If you still want the tray icon, set closeToTray=1 in the configuration file.
· Make journal saving more than twice as fast by using libyaml.
· Change Ctrl-PageUp(Down) directions to be more intuitive
· Update and revise help text

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