Friday, February 17, 2012

Calibre Portable 0.8.40

Calibre Portable was designed to be a e-book library management application.

Calibre Portable is meant to be a complete e-library solution for everyone. The application includes library management, format conversion, news feeds to ebook conversion as well as e-book reader sync features.

What's new:

  • Amazon metadata download: Support the new 'Book Description' section that Amazon publishes for some books. Also workaround the amazon US servers occasionally returning broken markup leading to calibre not finding any matches for books on Amazon.

  • Kindle driver: Add an option to allow using page counts stored in a custom column. Go to Preferences->Plugins and customize the Kindle driver, to tell it to use a custom column to get page count data.

  • Template language: Add a current_library_name() function that can be used to return the name of the currently opened library in calibre

  • Driver for Xperia Neo and PocketBook A10

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