Friday, October 21, 2011

Rainlendar Pro BETA 2.10b112 Portable[].rar

Rainlendar is a full of features calendar tool which is quite simple to use and doesn't take much space on your desktop. The application is platform independent so you can run it both on Windows and on Linux. The appearance can be customized with skins and you can even mix different skins together.

It is possible to use Rainlendar with other calendar applications too. Rainlendar uses the standard iCalendar format to store its events and tasks so you can easily transfer them between applications.

You can also subscribe to online calendars and see your Outlook appointments directly in Rainlendar.

Rainlendar is an unicode application that supports localization so you can use it on your own language.

· Platform independent
· To do list
· Localized
· Standards Compatible
· Alarms
· Recurrence
· Scripting
· Backups
· Printing
· Search
· Shared calendars
· Outlook support
· Look'n'feel
· Highly Customizable
· Multiple Calendars
· Import & Export
 What's new:
· Changed the way *.wav files are played on Windows since the old way caused crashes with some 3rd party codec packs.
· Added support for Google alarm methods and removed the "Google Calendar alarms" setting.
· Increased the size of the calendar controls in the export dialog.
· The recurrence days for weekly recurring events which defined the start date in local time could be set incorrectly.
· Selecting a skin in the simple mode always added the alarm and tooltip windows even if the skin didn't support them.
· Cancelling the date range dialog still opened the export file dialog when exporting events and tasks as comma separated values.
· The calendar is selected automatically in the options if there is just one.
· The SetVariable() will now store the new value to the settings file.
· Exceptions for Google calendar events should work better now.
· Cancelling or completing a recurring task disabled the next alarm instead just the current alarm.
· Initial support for Toodledo..............

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