Monday, October 3, 2011

FreeFileSync 4.00 Portable by Evan

FreeFileSync enables you to synchronize files between two folders or drives. You can either mirror two folders to create an exact copy of the source folder, or perform a two-way synchronization that will copy new or updated files in both directions. The program also supports an Update mode which will only copy files that are new or have been changed. You can also choose how to handle file deletions by either sending them to the recycle bin or moving them to another folder. Other features include custom file filters, an option to ignore daylight savings time, and more. 
What's new:
· Thumbnail list view
· Option to specify comparison settings at folder pair level
· Correctly update parent-child relationship when changing sync directions
· Show history list for additional folder pairs Switch between volume name and full path in directory history list Perf: shrinked folder matching CPU time by over 70% Show windows environment strings in directory history list Show windows special folder IDs in directory history list
· Fixed progress dialog going into background on heavy load
· Support creating old 8.3 directories
· Take over configuration name when creating new batch job
· Remember batch-specific settings when loading a ffs_batch file from main dialog Drag & drop ffs_batch files on main dialog to test and edit batch settings Automatically resolve objects deleted externally after comparison
· Date column context menu: manual time range selector
· New categories for time span filter: today, this week, this month, this year Respect both sides when sorting by relative path Updated COM error message reporting resolving "Unknown error" Smarter configuration merge algorithm Correctly show existing folders on both sides when using include filter
· Fixed network access using WebDrive
· Update modification times during file copy to write current values to database RealtimeSync: write name of changed file into environment variable "changed_file" RealtimeSync: fixed network drop incorrectly being handled as a failure
· Set default direction according to current configuration when deleting manually Plenty of GUI improvements
· Updated help file
· Updated translation files

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