Thursday, February 20, 2014

SUPER v2014 build 60 Portable by Evan

SUPER is an easy-to-use Multimedia Encoder and Player, requiring only one simple click.
If you need a simple, yet very efficient tool to convert or play any Multimedia file, without reading manuals or spending long hours training, then SUPER is all you need.
SUPER supports any Multimedia file format. SUPER plays files that cannot be played with WMP or even other libavcodec-based players like MPC and VLC. SUPER also plays and saves Internet Media Streams of different protocols (mms://, rtsp://, and http://).
SUPER is the fastest and simplest tool to encode full-length movies to any other format without any time or function limitation. It does NOT require any additional external codecs. They're all built in!

What's new:
- [ADD] Global quality/speed optimization to HEVC/H.265 and VP9 encoding
- [ADD] HEVC/H.265 Video Codec full encode/decode/play support to TS (Transp) / M2TS (BluRay) containers
- [ADD] To TS (Transp) / M2TS (BluRay) & Sony - PS3 (BluRay) the following video bitrate 960 - 1440 - 1920 kbps
- [ADD] To VP9 Video codec the 1440:1080 Video Scale Size preset
- [ADD] DirectShow LAV Filters for encoding in DirectShow mode when the DirectShow Decode switch is checked
- [ADD] 'C' tiny button in the DirectShow Decode panel for easy DirectShow LAV Filters Configuration
- [ADD] HEVC/H.265 support to the DeMux Extract Streams funtion in Files Output Process mode
- [Fix] The HEVC/H.265 1440:1080 and 1920:1080 encoding error bug
- [Fix] The AAC

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