Thursday, January 16, 2014

Slimboat 1.1.44 Portable by Evan

SlimBoat is a lightweight, freeware and cross platform internet browser (available on Windows, Mac and Linux) that enables everyone to take instant advantage of many plugins and features that other browsers will have access to only by installing specific plugins and addons. By giving you those features instantly after you install SlimBoat, you can save yourself from wasting time on discovering those addons and instantly start browsing the internet in safe, productive and fast way.

With open-source QTWebkit as the base, every user of the SlimBoat will be welcomed with rock-solid compatibility and speed, but with the expansion of the core functionality with features and capabilities such as form filler, YouTube downloader, social network integration (Facebook, Twitter, and many others), pop-up blockers, advanced download manager, weather forecast, translation tools, and more. UI is also enhanced, with ability to drag and drop toolbars, import data from other browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE).

With such kind of value packed inside the fast, easy-to-use, and secure web browser, everyone can instantly start experiencing internet in the best possible way. Try SlimBoat now, its free.

SlimBoat Features:

Super Fast
Shorter startup time, faster web page browsing powered by high-speed webkit engine.

Efficient and Easy-to-use
Reduce time waste, keyboard & mouse entries by doing everything automatically.

Powerful and Versatile
SlimBoat integrates more features and functions than any other internet browser.

Secure and Safe
Securely store logins & passwords, easily erase all traces, block obtrusive ads & popups.