Thursday, November 7, 2013

QtWeb 3.8.5 Portable by Evan

QtWeb Internet Browser - lightweight, secure and portable browser having unique user interface and privacy features.

QtWeb is an open source project based on Nokia's Qt framework and Apple's WebKit rendering engine (the same as being used in Apple Safari and Google Chrome).

QtWeb is an interesting browser which allows users to surf the Internet fast and easy. 
  • Customizable User Interface:
  • Change Application Style on the fly, and see how the program and websites look under different versions of Windows and Unix environment.
  • Move Navigation Bar and Bookmarks Bar anywhere within a mainframe, or even undock and place them on the Desktop.
  • Tabbed browsing by default. User Interface can be switched to non-tabbed.
  • Privacy and Security features:
  • Turn on Private Browsing mode to avoid leaving traces of browsing, even UserAgent which is being sent to the web server is masked.
  • Full Reset feature - clears all caches and restores all local settings to the state just after installation, as it was never run on the machine.
  • Supported SSL to access secure sites. Certificate information and certification path can be displayed.
  • Lightweight, fast and portable browser:
  • Size of executable is 11MB only, no additional DLLs and other configuration files required.
  • In most cases you just need one file - QtWeb.exe, that can be copied and run even from USB or CD/DVD.
  • Can be run in limited Windows environment (Win PE), like Active Boot Disk, or BartPE running from CD/DVD/USB.
  • Frames, JavaScript, Cookies, Bookmarks, History, Passwords, Media content - all essential browser features are here.
  • Supported FTP browsing and downloading.
  • AutoFill option - stores and pre-populates user names and passwords for the sites you visit most.
  • With Qt 4.5 supported Netscape plugins, like Adobe Flash Player, QuickTime or MediaPlayer.
What's new:

  • Qt Framework is upgraded to the version 4.8.5
  • Added Shift-JIS encoding
  • Redesigned searches dialog and model
  • WebInspector integration improved
  • downloaded files are opening in the right program (or in the file manager) on all systems
  • Added support for non-latin filenames in downloads
  • Fixed urlencoded links and added support for cyrillic domains
  • Fixed cyrillic logins and passwords in password manager
  • Fixed google suggest for non-latin searches
  • Fixed cookies with https over proxy [Issue 122]
  • Show notfound.html when loading error occurs
  • Fixed empty cache function [Issue 171]
  • Fixed russian language in languages list in settings
  • Fixed download small files
  • Fixed crash on close DownloadManager's FileDialog
  • Fixed progress in address bar
  • Block ads properly [Issue 173]
  • Prevent url changing to "about:blank" on error
  • Fixed crash on on windows