Tuesday, October 1, 2013

GoodSync 9.5.7 [TRIAL] Portable by Evan

GoodSync is a file synchronization and backup tool that enables you to backup your files and/or synchronize them with another location such as a different drive, folder, USB drive, network location or various cloud storage accounts,including Amazon S3, Google Docs, SkyDrive and more. You can also use the optional GoodSyncConnect service to connect 2 or more computers directly, without the need for a cloud. GoodSync supports one-way and two-way synchronizations, it can propagate deletions and check for conflicts, which can be reviewed and approved before executing the synchronization. Your backup or sync jobs can be executed automatically when a removable device is connected, periodically, or schedule via Task Scheduler. Other features include file filters and exclusions, support for time shifts, chained syncing, backup of deleted files, block level sync for improved speed, and more.

What's new:
* GS Server: fix not writing the logs.
* Auto Jobs: Parallel Jobs: Allow Auto jobs ot run in parallel.
* Auto Jobs: check jobs to be eligible to start every 3 seconds (was 10 sec).
* Program Options: add max number of Auto jobs tha can be run in parallel.
* Program Options: add option to change how often Auto Jobs are checked for start.
* Google Docs + Browse: Leave UserID editable, then use Browser to perform the Google Login.
* SSL Servers: improve handling of SSL contexts, allow multiple SSL contexts.
* SSL: removed bunch of revoked/bad certificates from our trusted root store.
* Servers: do not allow binary chars (code < 32) in user id.
* Servers: improve timeout handling.
* Explorer: fix GSE on exit does not wait for drag-and-drop task to finish.
* Browse/Rename/New Folder dialog: remove leading/trailing spaces from user entry.