Monday, July 29, 2013

Process Hacker 2.31 Portable

Process Hacker is a tool for viewing and manipulating processes and their threads, modules and memory. It can also search through process memory:
  • for a sequence of bytes,
  • using regular expressions,
  • for strings, or
  • for heap blocks
It loads symbols from various libraries automatically and uses them when displaying the call stacks of threads (just like Process Explorer). It also has a disassembler derived from OllyDbg´s which can be accessed when viewing PE files´ exports.
System Requirements:
  • Microsoft Windows XP or above
  • 1GB or more of total RAM if you plan on searching or editing memory
  • 2 CPUs (physical or multi-core), if you plan on searching memory
What´s new in version 2.31:
  • Updated ExtendedServices plugin: Fixed some bugs relating to Windows 8
  • Updated OnlineChecks plugin: Added upload progress
  • Updated UserNotes plugin: Fixed bug where process priorities were not actually saved
  • Fixed module list not updating properly
  • DLL enumeration crash