Sunday, April 28, 2013

PotPlayer 1.5.37011 Portable by Evan

PotPlayer is able to play smoothly almost any media file you throw at it without the help of any audio or video codec packs installed on PC.

The player provides both internal and external filters with a fully controlled environment in terms of connections to other splitters, decoders, audio/video transform filters and renderers without grappling with the DirectShow merit system.

Internal filters are not registered into the system's registry to prevent the operating system from confusing system filters.

Features of Daum PotPlayer 1.5:

- Ability to play and stream most video and audio formats
- Ability to play incomplete or damaged AVI files (by skipping the damaged frames)
- Very fast and lightweight
- Can remember where the user left off in a video
- Keyboard shortcuts for just most tasks, including seeking, volume, zoom, brightness, contrast, and even subtitle resyncing
- Subtitle support, including SAA and ASS support as well as embedded subtitles in MKV, OGM, MP4, MOV, and 3GP files
- Fully skinnable, users can choose different skins for different types of files, make the window transparent, hide the window border when playing, and more
- Video filters, like deinterlacing, postprocessing, de-noise, and more for customized playback
- Audio equalizer and video equalizer, that lets users adjust the brightness, contrast, hue, and more of the video
- Many more advanced settings in the Options menu

What's new:
+ Added 3D video support
+ Added support for the touch feature
+ Added stream switcher function to built-in audio processing filter
+ Added the ability to add a subtitle folder with a relative path
+ Added the ability to skip chapters/bookmarks
+ Added the ability to go into sleep mode Instead of shutting down the PC

- Fixed an issue where the pop-up menu is often stopped because of CD recognition problem
- Fixed an issue that capture function does not work when video or audio codec is set to "none"
- Some fixes while some operations (such as expanding video or changing aspect ratio) during video playback
- Improved DXVA usage conditions
- Fixed an issue where broadcast saving function does not work
- Fixed PNG capture problem
- Added a function into custom hotkey dialog that shown the specified key's default function if its one of default hotkeys
- Some fixes with broadcasting logo in certain environments
- Added the ability to set content of OSD short info (F5 > General > OSD)
- Improved Magnetic Windows handling (snap to edge/window feature)
- Improved AVCHD playback
- Fixed seeking issue of some MKV files
- Improved preferred language (subtitle/audio) handling
- Fixed playback problem of OGM files
- Fixed a problem that some subtitles was recognized incorrectly
- Some fixes in color space handling with multi-core processing
- Fixed screen freeze problem while decoding some WMV2 files
- Fixed a problem that thumbnail preview function does not work with DVD playback
- Fixed a problem that the screen goes blank when playing certain DVD titles
- Fixed a problem with using audio input of the second device
- Improved ruby tag handling