Monday, March 11, 2013

Doodle Browser 1.40 Portable by Evan

Dooble is the little Web browser that can. One of the primary purposes of Dooble is to safeguard the privacy of its users. At its core lies the WebKit engine. A compact and simple code base ensures that both developers and users have access to Dooble's internal functions.

Dooble includes a fancy desktop.

File Manager
An integrated file manager is an elegant necessity.

FTP Browser
A functional and intuitive FTP browser is included.

Dooble is a beautiful edition to any software library

What's new:
* More than 100 new Features and Fixes.
* Added the Wikinews search engine.
* Block-"Like/Plus/Faven"-Buttons (Ability to block third-party HTML frame content) to keep you private from Social Networks tracking your Surf-Behaviour. Read the technical background here:
* Ability to hide the HTTP referrer.
* Added Open Wikinews and TheOpenGlobe RSS Ticker.
* Introduced the History sidebar and URL History Search Engine.
* Tonga, the user knows your Server-IP: Dooble will, if permitted,
display the current site's IP address in the window title.
* Favorites Toolbar: Automatically find your most visited Websites
with a 1-Click.
* Improved behavior of the FTP and File browser.