Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Palemoon 15.1 Portable

Pale Moon Portable is a speed-optimized version of Firefox exclusively for modern chipsets, boasting an average 25% speed increase on many operations. The program requires one of the following processors:
  • Pentium IV, M, or D
  • Celeron-M or D
  • AMD Opteron / Athlon64 / Sempron
  • Any multi-core processor
As a general rule, most computers built after 2005 should work, and Intel-based systems after 2002. See Pale Moon - technical for more information. Unlike Firefox, there is no support for accessibility features or parental controls.
What's new:
This is a major update to the new v15.0 release, to address a fairly large number of issues with the initial version.

Important note:
  • From this release onwards, the system requirements for your operating system have changed: If you are still running Windows XP, you are required to have Service Pack 3 installed on it, or the browser will not start.
  • Restore Windows XP Professional x64 compatibility in the installer.
  • Fix the mouse wheel smooth scrolling preferences in the preferences dialog box (did not work in v15.0)
  • Prevent memory inflation on some integrated graphics drivers in canvas games
  • Fix for private browsing mode (Firefox 15.0.1 top fix)
  • Fix for Javascript stability issues on 32-bit versions
Regression fixes:
  • Restore the favicon in the URL bar. (Behavior change: new logic)
  • Fix for top level images with transparency (white background)
  • Remove noise from top level image background
  • Undo the redesign of the Safe Mode dialog box
  • Restore Alt-Click save dialog box
  • Restore proper identity panel for domain-verified sites (blue panel)
  • Restore support for the browser.identity.ssl_domain_display setting
  • Restore address bar autofill preference to its desired default state (no autofill)
Added features:
  • Add control for a custom top level image background color
  • Implement Direct2D brush caching (performance win)
  • Implement multi-threaded box blur (performance win for multi-core systems)
  • Add a Profile Reset feature (from Help -> Troubleshooting information)
  • Build with a faster floating point method