Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Thunderbird 15.0 Portable by Evan

Thunderbird is an email client from Mozilla, the organisation better known for the Firefox web browser which has a great deal to offer. In addition to handling multiple email accounts, the program can also be used to subscribe to RSS feeds and access online newsgroups and a new tabbed interface makes it easy to jump between individual emails or different aspects of the program.
There are new tools available to make it easier to manage a burgeoning inbox Email archival makes it possible to remove messages from your main inbox while retaining them for future reference, and the advanced search facility takes the hard works out of tracking down messages using a keyword filtering and timeline system.
As is the case with Firefox, Thunderbird supports addons can be used to customise and extend the features of the program. Getting started with the email client has been greatly simplified thanks to automatic account setting detection and nice touches such as the appearance of a warning if an email is written which includes the word 'attached' but no attachment is added make Thunderbird a joy to use.
With advanced security, phishing protection and automatic updating, coupled with countless other features which are simply not found in other email clients, Thunderbird is the ideal program to handle your email correspondence and much more.
What's new in version 15.0? After Mozilla's recent announcement that Thunderbird is entering its "extended support phase", which basically means it'll only be officially maintained with minor bug fixes and security updates going forward, version 15 attempts one curve ball. It's implemented the Australis skin, a more curvy interface that gives Thunderbird a slight refresh in the looks stakes.
Otherwise, new features are - predictably with Thunderbird - thin on the ground. The unified global search now covers the chat module - which supports Facebook, Twitter and Google Talk among others - while the "Do not track" option introduced to Firefox has been added to Thunderbird too. While not quite as relevant, it does allow the user to request compliant websites to respect their privacy, and is accessible from the Web Content tab in the Security section of Thunderbird's Options screen.