Friday, February 18, 2011

ZipGenius v6.3.1.2650 Portable


Zip Genius is a freeware that helps you compress and decompress data in multiple formats.The software is comprehensive and feature packed with a straightforward interface.
Pros of Zip Genius :
1. Interface : It couldn’t have been better. The interface is no different from the windows that we are so used to. Large icons with texts in the toolbar leave nothing too concealed.
2. Features : It comes with features like make SFX,disk span,add signatures and comments,export file list,scan and zip,compare MD5 Sum, test archive, repair archive, encrypt/decrypt archive/password manager, accompanying FTP Client and a file cutter! Phew! All that for free! And hope I didn’t miss out anything!
3. Speed : It worked faster than WinRAR on my PC. The speed is thus better some of its non-free counterparts

1. This Portable is for Windows 7 Only
2. You must create folder 'port' to drive 'D' and extract inside Rar File
If you dont have drive 'D' create virtual drive.
3.Do not try to update this package (does not work without some manual actions)
3. For any help leave a message to Blog ChatBox

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