Friday, January 28, 2011

Opera v11.01 FINAL Portable (paf)

After pushing out two release candidates in as many days, Opera Software on Thursday released the final version (build 1190) of its Opera 11.01 Web browser.
This latest version adds some tweaks to mouse gestures, and some stability improvements. The only real new feature of this particular version is the inclusion of the DOM object window.DOMStringList, but it is still an extremely important download for security purposes.
Late last week, French security company VUPEN issued a critical vulnerability alert for Opera 11 and 10.63 in Windows 7 and Windows XP SP3.

VUPEN said the issue was "caused by an integer truncation error within the Opera Internet Browser module 'opera.dll' when handling a HTML 'select' element containing an overly large number of children, which could allow remote attackers to execute arbitrary code by convincing a user to visit a specially crafted webpage."
This update fixes that security issue and five others related to clickjacking, data retention, and remote code injection. Opera Software advises users to update ASAP to remedy these issues.

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